Run Chris Run is a lyrical stage production based on the memoir 21: The Epitome of Perseverance.  Run Chris Run, is adapted by Stone Soup Artistic Associate Katie Angelica Abascal and produced by Stone Soup Theatre Project as part of an ongoing anti-violence campaign.

This biographical story follows the life of Chicago-native Chris Patterson and his quest for love, family, and acceptance. His journey begins in the foster care system, leading him to gangland, imprisonment, and ultimately deliverance.


This “theatre project” will use local writers, actors, and community members to tell a story of human perseverance and the individual strength it takes to change your life path. This is a North-side Chicago story that explores the beauty and power of change. We believe the themes of Run Chris Run are universal ones that can start a discussion of how certain choices, even if they seem to be the only ones available, can set us on a trek that we had no desire to start.

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