Up next? Our 2015 Artist's Project!

Stone Soup Theatre Project is a true labor of love for very all involved. In the fall of 2011,  a group of Chicago actors came together to discuss creating a company.  In our discussion, we quickly recognized a gap in service in our communities.  Theatre is expensive to produce, and without a concerted effort to create affordable theatre, even actors and artists have to stretch their budgets to participate in their own art.  We realized that if WE couldn't afford tickets to the theater, there was a large portion of our communities who would benefit from our art, but who don't have access.

Thus, Stone Soup was born.  But it's not about us. We chose to be a "Theatre Project" because we truly want to be a collaboration with our community.  We welcome artists of all facets and love working with our community to create original and compelling work - in all artistic mediums.


So reach out! Join us and be our "Souper Hero"!